Noted with Grim Satisfaction.

From the New York Sun: “Watching, in real-time, the rape of the Ukrainian nation by President Putin should fill any well-meaning observer with a sense of shame. Particularly those at the helm of Western nations and others who could have done more but didn’t or who could do more but won’t. [Ukraine President] Zelensky isContinue reading “Noted with Grim Satisfaction.”

Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea: Does Putin Know What He is Getting Into?

Since the 1945 United Nations Charter outlawing war (no guffaws, please), no major country in the world has legally declared war on another. That of course hasn’t stopped countries warring with one another, only from the legal nicety of formally announcing it and being careful not to use the word “war” in press releases. ThisContinue reading “Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea: Does Putin Know What He is Getting Into?”

Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Just how bad are things going for the wishy-washy, directionless Biden administration? So bad, even mainstream media is having at the Administration, as nicely illustrated in this clip of Norah O’Donnell of CBS(!) hammering Secretary of State Blinken over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Blinken is a study in weakness. His endless repetition of theContinue reading “Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

A Sudden Change of Mind Regarding the Masks.

New Mexico’s Governor Finally Lifts the Mask Mandates. New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham unexpectedly removed most state mask mandates at the close of her press conference on 19 February. The Governor’s reason for this sudden reversal (just two weeks after she announced the mandates would continue indefinitely) is not, I am certain she would insist,Continue reading “A Sudden Change of Mind Regarding the Masks.”