New Site. To my faithful readers, Because unsolicited and cringeworthy, ads started springing up on my free WordPress site, I bit the bullet and shelled out for an upgraded, ad-free site. Proprietor WordPress claims my new, paid-for site has various gimcracks and geegaws which will dazzle and enhance your blogging experience. Uh-huh. Meanwhile, please make aContinue reading “New Site.”

Oh brave new world that lacks such words and letters in’t.

Or: Who cares if you can’t make sense of it? At the turn of this century a so-called “experimental poet,” Christian Bök, published a book of poetry in five chapters, which were not numbered but lettered, i. e., chapters A, B, C, D, E. Why, you ask? To indicate to the reader the sole vowelContinue reading “Oh brave new world that lacks such words and letters in’t.”

Last Catholic in Ireland, please turn off the lights.

The post-conciliar church attains its logical end. From the article: CWN Editor’s Note: Bishop Paul Dempsey, who has led the Diocese of Achonry since 2020, warned the faithful of his diocese of the ‘need to let go of some of the familiar ways we have experienced parish life in the past.’ ‘The crisis has becomeContinue reading “Last Catholic in Ireland, please turn off the lights.”

Astonishing intelligence from inside the Vatican.

Nobody, but nobody, likes the pope, liberals and conservatives alike. He returns the favor. From Rorarte Caeli, an excerpt: In the Vatican Curia they live in terror. “Il cretino gloriosamente regnante” [The gloriously reigning cretin], is an expression heard with some frequency within the sacred walls. But the most repeated word is terror. It isContinue reading “Astonishing intelligence from inside the Vatican.”

Alhamdulillah! The End of Ireland.

Catholicism plummets, Islam soars. From the Church Militant. The Muslim name Muhammad is now the most popular birth name in one of Ireland’s most populous cities. According to Ireland’s Central Statistics Office, Muhammad was the most common birth name for boys in the city of Galway in 2022, marking a first in the once deeply Catholic nation’s history. IrishContinue reading “Alhamdulillah! The End of Ireland.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. No.

Note: As regular readers of this blog may know (and apologies for the fewer and fewer posts), I* have been wrestling with deciding whether to stay in the Holy Catholic Church or to leave her. The struggle may be over. Mr Beeler has it right. No. Simply no. Meanwhile, the Pope is at it again,Continue reading “Couldn’t have said it better myself. No.”

A welcome enemy for pro-lifers.

The Devil, you say! Why yes, yes I do. From the Gateway Pundit: The satanists believe abortion is a “religious” sacrament. On Wednesday the Satanic Temple announced they will open a “religious medical services clinic” in New Mexico. The clinic will provide free religious medication abortion care to women in the state. The Satanic TempleContinue reading “A welcome enemy for pro-lifers.”