Meet a 21st-Century repentant.

What brings someone to hating their own race? — AlphaFox (@Alphafox78) January 28, 2023 Atoning for whiteness. No such bourgeois silliness as having God in her life or believing in sin, but only that of being white, and by golly she feels just terrible about it. What to do, what to do? How toContinue reading “Meet a 21st-Century repentant.”

The kettle the pot is calling black …

… nonetheless is still black. Via PJ Media comes word liberal éminence grise, Jonathan Alter, writing in the New York Times, has thrown President Biden to the wolves; the slew of secret documents that keep popping up all over the place, he writes, ” torpedoes the faux president’s chances of reelection and that these eventsContinue reading “The kettle the pot is calling black …”

Either he’s incompetent or possessed.

Either way, the Church is stuck with him. From the Catholic Herald: Priests should grant absolution in the confessional even when the penitent has no intention to repent, the Pope has said in a speech which has shocked seminarians… In his address, he ordered students for the priesthood ‘not to be clerical, to forgive everything,’Continue reading “Either he’s incompetent or possessed.”

A familiar tale and the end of a tale.

The Synod on Synodality: the Catholic Church heading down a well-worn and familiar path. Read below the words of Hugh Hunter, a former Anglican, now a Catholic, who in the pages of Crisis Magazine writes about the late Cardinal Pell’s attack on Pope Francis’s Synod on Synodality, drawing some appalling parallels between the Synod andContinue reading “A familiar tale and the end of a tale.”

Coming to a world near us?

An eerily prescient novel well worthy of our attention today. With the continual barrage of dark and depressing news issuing from Rome, Washington, D. C., and elsewhere these days, it is difficult to avoid making comparisons of the present state of things and where we are headed, in this country and much of the west,Continue reading “Coming to a world near us?”