Last Catholic in Ireland, please turn off the lights.

The post-conciliar church attains its logical end.

From the article:

CWN Editor’s Note: Bishop Paul Dempsey, who has led the Diocese of Achonry since 2020, warned the faithful of his diocese of the ‘need to let go of some of the familiar ways we have experienced parish life in the past.’

‘The crisis has become very real,’ he wrote in a Lenten pastoral letter.’The last ordination to the Priesthood in the Diocese was 2013. We currently have no student studying for the Priesthood.’

‘Up to 2022, we had a resident priest in every parish, however, this has now changed, and sadly we will no longer be able to provide a resident priest in each parish,’he continued. ‘At best, there will be 12 priests serving in the 23 parishes of our diocese in 10 years’ time. It is important that we are fully aware of this reality and its implications. We have never been here before.’

Meanwhile, with the Pope seemingly wishing to drive church attendance lower and lower, the Vatican issued the restrictive statement below, making it even more difficult for the Latin Mass to be celebrated by requiring all permission requests to be addressed to the Vatican alone, removing the right from all bishops and cardinals to grant them. It’s a no-brainer what the answers to most of those requests will be.

This is despite those churches where Usus Antiquior is celebrated enjoying far fuller pews, with worshippers far younger than the average Catholic. Holy Church’s downward spiral will continue, especially now that here in the US, the FBI and the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center have joined in the fun and piled on the efforts attacking the Latin Mass.

We all may be turning out the lights someday.

UPDATE. See also:


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5 thoughts on “Last Catholic in Ireland, please turn off the lights.

  1. They could salvage the situation be sticking to scripture and not imposing the will of man on priests. “1079 Celibacy of priesthood, decreed by Pope Gregory VII.” Hebrew priests were all married and the New Testament warns against laws forbidding marriage.


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