Astonishing intelligence from inside the Vatican.

Nobody, but nobody, likes the pope, liberals and conservatives alike. He returns the favor.

From Rorarte Caeli, an excerpt:

In the Vatican Curia they live in terror. “Il cretino gloriosamente regnante” [The gloriously reigning cretin], is an expression heard with some frequency within the sacred walls. But the most repeated word is terror. It is the regime that the Argentine pope has installed there. No one knows how long he will be in office and, even worse, no one knows who is spying on whom, for that is another one of Bergoglio’s methods: spying, to know what each of the priests and religious who walks around the Sacred Palaces are thinking and saying.


I have been able to speak in recent weeks with priests from all walks of life. There is no need to pour out here the opinions of conservatives and traditionalists. Everyone knows them. What has astonished me is that the most progressive priests, who are generally also the oldest, have the same dislike for Bergoglio as that of their younger colleagues. It is no longer a doctrinal question in which traditionalists are pitted against progressives; it is something of a more basic level and has to do with the human and the institutional element.

Read the whole thing, it’s breathtaking. Is this dour situation common knowledge?

h/t John Beeler.


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