Alhamdulillah! The End of Ireland.

Catholicism plummets, Islam soars.

From the Church Militant.

The Muslim name Muhammad is now the most popular birth name in one of Ireland’s most populous cities.

According to Ireland’s Central Statistics Office, Muhammad was the most common birth name for boys in the city of Galway in 2022, marking a first in the once deeply Catholic nation’s history.

Irish Freedom Party president and faithful Catholic Hermann Kelly told Church Militant, “We see in Galway City that we are being demographically replaced by Muslims. Islamic culture is a political ideology of violent conquest and submission with a thin veneer of religion. We need thousands of poverty-stricken, violence-prone Muslims in Ireland like we need a hole in the head.”

Meanwhile, modern CatholicLites® and their allies in secular humanist circles blithely ignore or even welcome those whose religion teaches them not only to despise Catholics and Catholicism, but the whole of Irish and western culture. No melting pot for them.

Paradoxically, look what else CatholicLites® and their allies are up to.

Earlier this month, Ireland’s arts minister announced that the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day festival would showcase drag queens and other LGBT-themed performances, parades and events — effectively replacing the celebration of Ireland’s patron saint with sexual degeneracy.

Kelly quipped, “It’s ironic that Far Left anti-Christian radicals will be the first, as homosexual and LGBTIQ campaigners, to be thrown by Muslims off the high buildings in Galway.”

The Church Militant essay closes:

In addition to the loss of Irish religious culture, the fact that Mohammed is now the most common boys’ name in the main city in the west of Ireland is a clear indication of the replacement of the native Irish population.”

I would amend that slightly. There is certain to be a large number of the “native Irish population” present in Ireland when Islam becomes the law of the land. Most will be welcome to stay after their forced conversions to Islam. Those not welcome however will be Ireland’s homosexuals, who will quickly be rounded up to experience the wrath of Allah.

Read the whole essay.

With thanks to GWR via WJT.


Published by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.

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