Forked Tongues.

The more barbarous their cause, the more sanctimonious they become. Quite a feat, in a way.

From Forbes:

President Joe Biden said Sunday he has asked his staff to see if he “has the authority” to declare a public health emergency to address abortion access, a move that could release additional funding and give federal health officials more power to respond to state-level abortion restrictions, following calls from progressive Democrats to take sweeping action to protect abortion rights after the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Only in 21st-Century America would putatively enlightened Democrat leaders consider too many unborn babies coming to term a “public health emergency.” 1984 was long ago but doublethink not only thrives but prospers.

One fine day, when there is a real pope in the Vatican (please, no accusations of sedevacantism–yet, anyway), he will stand up to the likes of our president and Congresswoman Pelosi, who speak out of both sides of their mouths when they simultaneously proclaim their Catholicism and their enthusiastic support of unrestricted abortion. If a supreme pontiff were simply to call out these hypocrites by name, sharply addressing them for their promotion of a monstrous sin (it wouldn’t hurt to excommunicate them too, but we’re trying to be realistic), this crank at least believes it would provide a huge boost to Catholics and non-Catholics alike striving to end the slaughter of the innocents in the womb.



Published by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.

Founder of the London Tatler, Bickerstaff removed West to found the Taos Tatler.

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