The kettle the pot is calling black …

… nonetheless is still black.

Via PJ Media comes word liberal éminence grise, Jonathan Alter, writing in the New York Times, has thrown President Biden to the wolves; the slew of secret documents that keep popping up all over the place, he writes, ” torpedoes the faux president’s chances of reelection and that these events have damaged his (get ready for this) “core political brand of honor and decency.”

Disregarding the second claim of Alter’s, he also omits the real reason why dopey Joe’s reelection bid has been scuttled by his actions. By committing the same offense for which Donald Trump is being hammered (in fact it’s worse, unlike Trump he wasn’t president at the time), a powerful campaign issue has been snatched away from the Democrats.

It would have been much to Biden’s advantage had his administration not made such a royal stink over Trump’s doings, i. e., siccing the Justice Department, from the Attorney General on down, on the former president. If they had been reasonably sane dealing with Trump, when reports were first coming out Biden had done something similar, his administration, with the assistance of a compliant media, could easily have “disappeared’ the matter and it would have been forgotten in a short time. Now though Republicans have a splendid tu quoque defense to throw right back at Trump’s accusers every time the matter is raised.

Logicians will insist, and Democrats will loudly parrot them, tu quoque is a logical fallacy and not a legitimate form of argument. To which the only logical response is, tell that to the voters.

UPDATE: Oops, they just discovered six more.


Published by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.

Founder of the London Tatler, Bickerstaff removed West to found the Taos Tatler.

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