Either he’s incompetent or possessed.

Either way, the Church is stuck with him.

From the Catholic Herald:

Priests should grant absolution in the confessional even when the penitent has no intention to repent, the Pope has said in a speech which has shocked seminarians…

In his address, he ordered students for the priesthood ‘not to be clerical, to forgive everything,’ adding that ‘if we see that there is no intention to repent, we must forgive all…’

Priests who deny penitents absolution are ‘delinquents,’ the Pontiff said, according to the Church Militant website…

If accurate, the Pope’s remarks appear to put him at odds with the moral theology expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which emphasises that contrition occupies the ‘first place’ of any act of a penitent and that it involves ‘the resolution not to sin again.’

Here the story gets downright bizarre.

According to reports, Francis also used his speech to rant against “f***ing careerists who f*** up the lives of others”.

The Pope also criticised “those who climb to show their a**”, the Italian media outlet Daily Compass reported. 

According to the Jesuits, there is no mechanism by which an incompetent pope may be removed.

Canon 335 of the present Code of Canon Law directs that special laws are to be followed if the Apostolic See becomes vacant or impeded. Although John Paul II issued new rules in 1996 for dealing with a vacancy, there are still no special laws governing what to do if the Apostolic See becomes impeded. This is a rather serious vacuum in the church’s constitutional law.

No kidding. Who knows how much damage Francis will inflict upon the Holy Catholic Church before he is called to his maker? He has already harshly disparaged observant Catholics preferring traditional worship, accusing them of promoting disunity and  making it clear by the language he uses he despises them. He has also made it vastly more difficult for the traditional Latin mass to be celebrated. What additional damage he manages to effect is anyone’s guess, but this writer does not intend to be around to see it.

Thanks to WJT.


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